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North Carolina Era 3 – Revolution 1763 - 1789: Regulator Songs Lesson Plan

Regulator Songs Lesson Plan

LESSON: Regulator Songs – an introduction to the Regulator Movement
UNIT: North Carolina Era 3 – Revolution 1763 - 1789

  • Learners will make inferences about a historic event
  • Learners will analyze primary and secondary source materials
  • Learners will understand the concerns that led to the Regulator Movement in
    colonial North Carolina
  • Learners will work collegiality
  • LEARNING TARGET: “I can describe three causes of the Regulator Movement.”


Time needed: 30

  • Copies of the Regulator Songs
  • Graphic organizer – one per group
  • Copies of background material


  1. This activity should be completed before a lesson on the Regulator Movement
    (teacher background material is included in the Resource section below.)
  2. Put students into cooperative groups and pass out song sheets. Ask students to
    read and discuss the songs. They need to make inferences about the reasons these
    songs were written and sung. (students may struggle with this as they do not have
    contextual information – that is the point)
  3. Each group should briefly share inferences with the whole class.
  4. Have students read the introduction to the Regulator Movement from the NC
    Digital Textbook at Learn NC. http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchistrevolution/4253
  5. Now ask the groups to reassess their inferences based on the new material. Share
    with the class.
  6. Give out copies (or project) the information sheet from the North Carolina
    Folklore book.
  7. Ask students to reevaluate their inferences based on this new contextual material.
  8. Review with students how their understanding of the songs altered with each new


  • Have students write a paragraph (or list) concerning the causes of the Regulator Movement in North Carolina. This can be done cooperatively in groups or individually as an exit ticket. This could also be an out of class assignment.
  • Assessment can also be taken from class discussion. Teachers should visit each group during the activity.


  • Regulator Songs can be found here
  • Regulator background songs can be found here