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Letter 9


United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives


Leonidas Bryant to John Bryant, June 7, 1862


Leonidas Bryant


Selvage Collection, Southern Appalachian Archives, Mars Hill University


Southern Appalachian Archives, Liston B. Ramsey Center for Appalachian Studies, Mars Hill University




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Corinth, Mississippi

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June 7th 1862 Camp near Corinth
Dear father i take this opportunity of writing a few lines to you. I am well at present and hope you are all well. I got a letter that you sent by W Cope. and one dated 22th and was sorry to hear of the death of uncle Will, we just got from a tour of five days at Corinth. We went [words missing] to drive in there [words missing] reg. 7th Ohio [words missing] as skirmishes [p.2] after some [words missing] they drove the secesh back then we dug riffel bits and planted guns our reg [words missing] more , was kept support the [words missing]needed we in the hot [words missing] one hour,when our regt 15th 16th and 17th regulars was ordered to the right to drive the secesh off a hill they occupied. we marched around their threw out Co. A and B as skirmishes the second [words missing] done the same [words missing] minits we [p.3][words missing] regulars [words missing] to run the officers got them rallied though before much damage was done our line had to fall back with the regulars. Just as Co. A fell back, Thomas, Coplen was shot through the hip but did not break any bones, but it is a bad wound, well after some sharp firing Co. A drove them back from the hill well we fortified that place that was about half a mile from their [words missing] the rear of our [words missing] the ratling of muskets [words missing] up and down [p.4] our lines for miles. On the 30th in the morning all was still along the lines about 7 o'clock their was one of the noise you read of but do not hear often at Corinth and a large fire and smoke the first ohio was ordered down their to see what was the row the whole of it was the secesh had run and burnt the town. mitchel and hope is giving the rear thunder fetching in prisnors all the time we will be paid [missing words] day. And to [missing words] leave for Corinth.

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