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Letter 8


United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives


Leonidas Bryant to John Bryant, May 17, 1862


Leonidas Bryant


Selvage Collection, Southern Appalachian Archives, Mars Hill University


Southern Appalachian Archives, Liston B. Ramsey Center for Appalachian Studies, Mars Hill University




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May the 17th 1862
Dear father I have the pleasure of writing a few lines to you I am well at present and hope that you and hope that you are all well I have a chance to send this by one of the band it is discharged today. Gov Morton was here today and Col Prather was throwed out of his office to [p.2] [missing words] a fight in a few days. we will be paid off in a few days. Charles Lockwood arrived here yesterday and [C.Sprey?], benson did not come, things are awful dear here lemmons 15 cts apiece eggs 40cts. a dozzen, bread 10cts a lite cakes the same and everything else. The other day i got straped after i had paid three dollars [p.3] that I owed. so i sold 30cts worth of postage stamps and went in a great speckulating I bought some lemmons with the 30cts and made a bucket of lemmonade. I sold that 5 cts a tin full so i made 75 cts on that bucket full. Well i bought some more lemmons and made lemmonade now my [?] is three dollars and [ine?] cents besides what i spent for things to eat. I have not got a letter from you since i have been here the boys are all well in our [p.4] tent. It is as warm here in the day time as any need for but the nights are colder here than they are at home in the summer time give my love to all enquiry friends and write down
Yours, L. Bryant

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