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Apple Jelly Recipe




This is a handwritten recipe for apple jelly.


Bobby McMillon


Bobby McMillon Collection, Southern Appalachian Archives, Mars Hill University


Southern Appalachian Archives, Liston B. Ramsey Center for Appalachian Studies, Mars Hill University


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Apple Jelly

Best time to make jelly is during full moon.

Take apples and wash in cold water two or three times in case they've been sprayed much.

Cut apples down to the core. The bruised spots are alright to use. Cut off bad places.

Put apples in a vessel and pour hot water up to a little over top of apples.

Turn on high and turn down in a while. Stir to get top on the bottom (to get well cooked). Cook till apples are done. Let cool. Stir while cooling if you want to.

Strain thru colander till all juice is in a vessel. Then strain again thru a sack (old time flour sack) mashing what pummies and chaff is left from the first straining. (The juice needs to be fairly pure.)

Take a dry glass and measure how many it takes, then measure the same amount of sugar and put it in the juice which is now in the vessel you'll cook in. Stir the sugar which is in the juice before

placing over the fire.

Turn on high if using electric stove. When it starts to boil and foam if it gets too high in the pan turn heat down till the foam gets lower so it won't boil over then turn heat back up and and use spoon to go around top of foam so it won't come over. Don't stir the juice. Sometimes the foam will go down when its about ready to come off. You can dip spoon and let some drip off and about tell if its thick enough. According to how many apples have been used it might take thirty minutes or less. Before cooking set glasses you will use for jelly beside the pan so that they will be fairly hot when jelly is ready. Put a spoon in each glass before pouring hot jelly so it won't break. Let jelly get cool before closing lid.

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Handwritten text on loose sheet of notebook paper.


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Bobby McMillon, “Apple Jelly Recipe,” Southern Appalachian Archives Mars Hill University, accessed May 20, 2024,