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Civil War graphic organizer.pdf
This document is meant to compliment the Selected Item: North Carolina Era 6: Civil War and Reconstruction-1860-1876

Courier-Journal Magazine_1_14_1962_p18.jpg

Forest Conservation_1937_08_p03.jpg
This article shares insights on management of forests on farmland for profit that the author gleaned on a trip to Germany.

11 Year Sales Chart_1941_12_p16.jpg
This is a table covering the years 1930 to 1941 that lists by year the number of pounds, the total sales, and the average price for tobacco at the Asheville market.

Human Being Taken_Avery_p1.jpg
This undated manuscript by Mary Johnston Avery tells the story of Joe Anderson being taken as payment for a Mars Hill College construction debt and follows the story to the 1932 dedication of a monument to Mr. Anderson.

After the Chestnut_FFN_1929_August_p8.pdf
As article on the loss of the American Chestnut and the big gaps that the death of these trees would leave in forests where they comprised at least forty to sixty percent of the trees. The author urges farmers to see farm forests as a source of…

Alfalfa_Robena Ramsey_1945_09_p1.jpg
This is a published photograph on the cover of the September, 1945 Farmers Federation News showing Robena Ramsey standing in a field of alfalfa . The caption on page 4 reads, "Photo on the cover shows Miss Robena Ramsey, 17, in her father's alfalfa…

Alfalfa_Robena Ramsey caption_1945_09_p4.jpg
This is the caption for the September 1945 Farmers Federation News cover photograph of Robena Ramsey standing in a field of alfalfa.

Approximate Slope Acreage_1953_08_p24.jpg
This is a table presenting the approximate acreage in different slope categories across several counties in western North Carolina.

Asheville Burley Market Record_1943_01_p15.jpg
This article describes the record sales of burley tobacco on the Asheville market for the year 1942.
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