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Donna Ray.jpg
This is a photograph of eighth-generation ballad-singer Donna Ray Norton performing at the Old Kona Baptist Church in Kona, Mitchell County, North Carolina.

Penland Display.jpg
This is a photograph taken by MHU student Grace Mayer of a display inside Penland School of Craft's John & Robyn Horn Gallery about Penland founder Lucy Morgan.

Penland Cabin.jpg
This image shows a cabin displayed at the Penland School of Craft in 2023. Lucy Morgan drove this cabin to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago to use as a display of Penland handicrafts.

Penland Looms.jpg
These are the weaving looms on the second floor of the Lily Loom Building at the Penland School of Craft. This area is used for teaching the school’s weaving courses, as well as dyeing fabric crafts (dyeing kitchen not shown). This photograph was…

Pine Cone 2.jpg
This is a photograph of a detail of a Pine Cone Bloom Coverlet, made by Lessie Eva McKinney Woody in 1924, in Mitchell County, North Carolina.
The coverlet was donated to the Southern Appalachian Archives by Jo Ann Croom.

Double Bow 1.jpg
This is a photograph of a double bow knot coverlet, ca. 1890s. It was made by Anna Clark Davis from linen and wool with synthetic dyes in the Spring Creek section of Madison County, North Carolina. The piece was donated to the Southern Appalachian…

This is a photograph picturing the annual Harvest Party at Mars Hill University. Jerry Sutton, Roger Howell, and friends are pictured leading a jam at the party.

Mars Hill University students (Taylor Zima, left; Raegan Metcalf, right) grinding and sifting corn for cornbread in AS 344.

Manual corn grinder used to make cornmeal, which is also pictured.

Leather britches and Hickory King corn used to make cornbread at Mars Hill University Harvest Party 2023
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