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B McMillon with guitar.jpg
This is a photograph of Bobby McMillon sitting in a living room and playing the guitar.

The Old Churchyard_p1_LSB.jpg
This is a hand-transcribed version of the hymn, "The Old Churchyard." A note at the end of the transcription says that this was Maw Maw Phillips's favorite meeting house song.

BMAP _The Old Churchyard_.mp3
This is a recording of the hymn, "The Old Churchyard," sung by Bobby McMillon.

7th Annual Carter Memorial Festival flyer.jpg
This is a poster for Poster for the Seventh Annual A.P. - Sara - Maybelle Carter Memorial Festival and Craft Show. Bobby McMillon is one of the artists listed as performing at the festival.

1916 Flood_Book 12_p1.jpg
This is a handwritten copy of the lyrics to the song, "1916 Flood on the Catawba River." A note at the end of the lyrics says, "Composed by E.L. Fant, July 18, 1916, Two days after the flood."

Apple Jelly recipe_p1.jpg
This is a handwritten recipe for apple jelly.

Aunt Lou Brookshire_p1_blue ledger no1.jpg
This is a handwritten biography of Aunt Lou Brookshire, Lula Holsclaw Brookshire.

B McMillon artist in schools photo and article.jpg
This is a newspaper article about Bobby McMillon serving as artist-in-residence for Guntersville, Alabama schools. The article is mounted with a photograph of Bobby McMillon playing the guitar.

B McMillon_1982 Worlds Fair.jpg
This is a photograph of Bobby McMillon standing on a bridge playing a guitar with the Knoxville World's Fair Sunsphere in the background. At the bottom of the photograph are the words, "The 1982 World's Fair/ Knoxville, Tennessee, USA."

B McMillon_Natl Book Day.jpg
This is a photograph of Bobby McMillon and many other people standing on the steps of the White House. In front of the group are First Lady Laura Bush and Librarian of Congress Dr. James H. Billington. The photograph is inscribed, "To Bobby with best…
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