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This is a photograph of a man planting a plant in a cold frame.

This is a photograph of an older man and woman in a cabbage patch with corn behind them. The man is carrying a long-necked gourd.

This is a published photograph of a woman surrounded by pumpkins and candy roaster squashes. The caption says, "This lovable old lady, 72 years old, grew these candy roasters and pumpkins, and many more things, in her own garden this year. She…

Mrs Shuford Garden_1945_09_p3.jpg
This advertisement for Planter's Fertilizer and Asgrow Seeds has a photograph of Mrs. W.E. Shuford in her garden in the Beaver Lake section of Buncombe County.

This is an article advocating for the family garden to receive more attention and greater care on the farm, arguing that it is often slighted in favor of cash crops.

This is an article on culinary herb gardening.

Wanted Candy Roaster Seeds_1942_11_p3.jpg
This is an advertisement from Carolina Garden Stores, Inc. in Asheville, North Carolina that says, "Wanted Candy Roaster Seed and Potato Onions."

herbs illustration.jpg
This is a line drawing of several varieties of culinary herbs with the caption, "A little patch of herbs is a valuable garden and kitchen adjunct."

Carrots illustration.jpg
This is a line drawing of several varieties of carrots.

peas illustration.jpg
This is a line drawing of peas with the caption, "Peas have been improved to a point where they are nearly double the size of the older types."
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